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How to Vape Naturally Without the Use of Harmful Chemicals

How to Vape Naturally Without the Use of Harmful Chemicals


You may be considering converting from smoking to vaping or just using the most efficient way to administer herbs to your body through inhalation. Vaping has become one of the most popular methods to consume various herbs for a number of reasons. Below we will discuss how to vape and the best ways to maximize your vaping session. 


What is Vaping


Vaping is the modern alternative to smoking and was initially developed around the early nineties as a way to quit smoking tobacco. Vaporization is the process whereby the user heats dry herb, oil, or an ejuice to a suitable predefined temperature that allows the herb to vaporize before it combusts. The vaporizer produces a stream of vapor that is then cooled and filtered before reaching the mouthpiece and then finally making its way to your lungs through your mouth.


The Basic Components of a Vaporizer


Vaporizers coming in many shapes and sizes and can be so small that it easily fits into the palm of your hand or a larger version like desktop vaporizes that are not suitable for portability. There are e-cigarettes, pen vapes, portable vapes, desktop vapes, and even 3rd generation Mods. Below are the three main general components of a vaporizer.



  1. The chamber is the reservoir that holds the herbal or oily material. It is heat resistant and may also include different attachments for both herb or concentrates.


  1. The power source may either be a built-in battery or a battery that is replaceable. Desktop vaporizers are usually powered through a USB attachment or directly through a plug and an electrical power source. The power source is the component that essentially powers the vaporizer and makes it possible to turn the dry herb or concentrates into vapor.


  1. The mouthpiece may be attached to the whole vape, but they can often be detachable. Mouthpieces are made from a variety of materials but usually made from glass, metals, or ceramics.



How to use your Vaporizer


  1. Fully charge your vaporizer if its battery operated.
  2. Finely grind your dry herb or carefully place the concentrates in the chamber. 
  3. Open your vaporizer's chamber.
  4. Pack the heating chamber with herb or oil and make sure it's not too tight or overfilled to allow optimal airflow.
  5. Close the heating chamber.
  6. Turn on the vaporizer and set it to the temperature of your choice. The lower the temperature, the less amount of vapor you'll obtain, but more flavor and vice versa. Heating up can take anywhere from 30 seconds to a five minutes depending on the vaporizer. 
  7. Once the indicator light has signaled its reached the right temperature take a light pull from the mouthpiece, and make sure to properly inhale like you're taking a deep breath. A good piece of advice is to start low and slow.
  8. As you are vaping you may want to increase the temperature and take longer hits of vapor to suit your preference.
  9. Empty the chamber and clean the vaporizer to get it ready for the next session. 



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