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HYER - Big Electronic Rig Water Pipe Adapter Kit - Silver/Lime Green


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The HYER Big-E is an innovative gadget that can morph virtually any glass rig into a portable, complex e-rig. Engineered for convenience, the HYER Big-E ends the chore of torch-heating, providing ... Read more

The HYER Big-E is an innovative gadget that can morph virtually any glass rig into a portable, complex e-rig. Engineered for convenience, the HYER Big-E ends the chore of torch-heating, providing even combustion-free heat via a ceramic heating element instead. An adjustable base ensures versatility, and that the Big-E can adjust to fit almost any glass rig. built with an adjustable temperature control, temperature customization down to the single degree is enabled, especially convenient for lower temperature dabs. Adding to its portability, it has a battery life of 2 hours or 25 sessions

The Big-E incorporates a ceramic heating mechanism, positioned beneath the quartz banger, that makes for a rapid heat-up, allowing you to get vaping ASAP. An added benefit is that since quartz is inert, it will have no interference with the flavor of your vape. The bowl-shaped banger is designed to contain all contents, and minimize wasted material. A dial operated, adjustable base will securely hold most glass rigs. The supple silicone grips eliminate the risk of  the glass falling out of the Big-E, making for a flawless integration between your rig and the Big-E. 

To allow full control, down to the single degree, of one's vaping experience, the Big-E delivers a precise temperature control mechanism. Heating up in 90 seconds, the maximum temperature is 750 degrees Farenheit. Do Keep in mind, though, that by vaping on the lower temp side, a wider array of flavor profiles can be experienced. This low-temp method of dabbing and is the preferred method of vaping, especially among vaping veterans. To top it off, the Hyer Big-E is designed with an LED indication light that changes colors to notify when the dab is heated to your chosen temperature.

In a society that is always seeking portability, the Big-E delivers. The Big -E is powered by four 3300 mAh batteries, lasting for 2 hours or 25 sessions, far greater than most portable e-rigs. The built-in stash drawer stores makes your favorite concentrate quickly accessible, making you always dab ready. For home users, the Big-E utilizes passthrough charging to prevent the batteries from being unnecessarily used

Featuring a cleaning mode, The HYER Big-E ensures cleanliness and ease of use. To activate, make sure that the Big-E is heated, the indication LED is green, the wall charger is plugged in and the USB-C charger is connected. Next, push the GO and (-) buttons at the same time to enter cleaning mode. The indication LED light will flash purple while in cleaning mode. The Big-E will heat the nail and scorch all excess residue.


  • Place your glass rig on the Big-E, and adjust so that your glass rig is held firmly by the grips
  • carefully place the Big-E's nail into the downstem.
  • turn on the Big-E by pressing the main power button.
  • adjust to preferred temperature using the (+) and (-) buttons on the control panel
  • upon reaching desired temperature, dab your concentrate onto the nail, and inhale from the mouthpiece of your glass rig.


  • 1x HYER Clamp-On Base
  • 1x SmartSwitch™ Magnetic Cable
  • 1x Carb Cab / Concentrate Tool
  • 1x USB C Charging Cable
  • 1x 18W Wall Charging Adapter
  • 1x 14mm Glass Adapter
  • 1x Electronic Vaporization Element 30W
  • 4x 3300 mAh Batteries

Technical Specifications

  • Weight:             1.92 lbs.
  • Dimensions:      3 x 9 x 7 inches
  • Voltage:            110v
  • Vaporizer Compatibility:      Concentrates
  • Adjustable Silicone Base
  • Torch-less Dabbing
  • Portable and Cordless
  • Soft Silicone Traction Grips
  • LED Function Indicator
  • Precision Temperature Control
  • Ceramic heating element and quartz bowl keep flavor pure
  • Cleaning mode increases temperature to burn off excess residue
  • Can charge your phone

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